Juliet’s House, Greensboro, NC

Munchkin. Adopted from Juliet's House.

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Any given Saturday or Sunday, you’ll find cats and dogs up for adoption at Petsmart and Petco in Greensboro, NC.

These adoption fairs are sponsored by local animal rescues. One of these is Juliet’s House Animal Rescue.

In July 2016, we adopted a kitten from Juliet’s House at one of these adoption fairs. We had recently lost an elderly cat, and we felt the time was right to bring a new kitten into our home.

They were calling her Inkspot, and she had a brother named Fly who was also ready for adoption. As soon as we held her, we knew this little black kitten was the one for us. It was obvious she had been socialized and raised in a loving foster home.

We took her home and named her Munchkin. It turned out to not be a very fitting name as she is now tall and slender and appears to be part Siamese. We also call her our little Monkey, and she responds to both names. She is very smart, and I have written a blog post about her collecting behavior that you can read here.

We couldn’t be happier to have adopted this kitten from Juliet’s House.

Juliet’s House, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2014 to save homeless pets across North Carolina. Juliet’s House has no actual facility and consists of an all-volunteer staff and a network of foster families who care for rescued pets until they find their forever homes.

In addition to their fostering and adoption programs, they also offer a feral cat assistance program. They are advocates of trap-neuter-release for feral cat populations. They have traps available for a deposit and also have funds available to assist with trap-neuter-release.

Trap-neuter-release (TNR) is a method of trapping feral cats then neutering them and vaccinating them against rabies before returning them to their colony. Feral cats are wild and cannot be adopted. TNR helps stabilize the cat population and reduces the spread of diseases in the cat colony.

Please click here to donate to Juliet’s House Animal Rescue and help homeless pets in Greensboro, NC.

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