Articles About Cats

Learn about cat behavior, cat facts, funny cat stories, and all kinds of info about cats.

Guest posts on cat-related topics are welcome. Please email me at info@carolinescats.com if you would like to submit an article for publication.

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Rescues and Adoptions

These are articles about rescue and adoption organizations. Please contact me at info@carolinescats.com if you would like your organization featured here.

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Cat Product Reviews

Will your cat love it, hate it, or ignore it?

This is where I will review products that my own cats have tried and showcase cat toys, cat food, and other cat items that are recommended by other cat lovers.

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Welcome to My Cat Blog

Hi I’m Caroline. I’m not a veterinarian or a professional cat behaviorist. I do currently have 5 cat children and I have lost 7 others throughout my lifetime.

My blog is for cat lovers by a cat lover. My articles will include personal experience, advice I have learned from my vet, and information gleaned from the internet.


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